12 Signs That You Should Take a Break from Facebook ...


Are you wondering if it's Facebook, is it taking over the world or what?

More importantly, has it taken over your world?

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, but as much as we despise the new timeline, confusing security laws and our Momโ€™s embarrassing updates, The Book is a massive part of our lives.

So how should you know when your daily dabble online has turned into an obsessive compulsion and itโ€™s time to take a break from Facebook?2

Here are 12 signs that you need to log out, switch it off and leave Facebook for a while.

1. Live for the Updates

If you are at the cinema, in the middle of a bungee jump or just about to give birth, then now is not the time to update your status.

If you are unable to simply enjoy the moment you are in without thinking, โ€˜Oh, this is going to make a great update,โ€™ then you may need to take a break from Facebook.

2. Reality Check

Spending a quiet Saturday night at home can be lovely, and it is by no means necessary to be out all the time.

But if you are socializing more on Facebook than you are in the real world, with real people, then itโ€™s time you took a break from Facebook and got back out there.

3. Over-share

Back to the status updates...

if you ever find yourself sharing bowel movements or anything about your personal hygiene or bodily functions, then girl, you need to take a break from Facebook - period.

(excuse the pun) After all, who really wants to read about all of that?

Not me!

4. Work? What Work?

If you happen to be allowed on Facebook whilst at work and you are not sure why your last three reviews have reflected poor work productivity, or you have uploaded more pictures than completed projects, then thatโ€™s a sure sign you need to take a break from Facebook.2

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