8 Signs That Your Friend is Toxic ...


Ever feel like your friend’s subtly shady actions could be signs that your friend is toxic?

Ever have concerns about whether she’s your true blue pal or arch nemesis?

I think we’ve all felt apprehensive at one time about whether a friend truly has our back or is getting ready to stab us in the back.

Check for these 8 signs that your friend is toxic to determine if it’s time to dump your friend.

1. She Only Calls when She Needs Something

This is one of the most common signs of a selfish friend and a sure sign that your friend is toxic.

Good relationships should be balanced, and if you are always going out of your way to help your friend but she’s nowhere to be found when you need someone, this is a definite no-no.

Some friends might be going through a tough time and need you on the regular, but the key here is that she’s never there to help you.

2. It’s All about Her

Do you ever feel like your conversations with your friend revolve only around her and the drama in her life?

And when you try to bring something up about yourself it inevitably results in the convo focusing back on her?

This is another characteristic of a toxic friend!2

How is she even a friend if she doesn’t care to keep up on your life?

Chatterboxes aside, if your friend’s only interest is to talk about herself and not even take the time to listen to you in casual chit-chat, she’s a bad friend.

3. Being around Her Wears You out

If lunch dates and cocktail hours with your friend leave you feeling mentally drained and exhausted, it could be a sign that you friend is toxic.

Does your friend have a billion problems, needs endless favors and reassurance about her appearance all before the first round of drinks?

We all have our moments when we have drama and need favors, but if every get-together leaves you feeling like you just completed an Iron Man triathlon;

it could be time to break up with your friend.

She Mocks You
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