7 Steps to Forgive Others ...


Steps to forgive others is advice we could all use at some point in our lives.

We all have people who have wronged us.

Chances are pretty high that while you are wallowing in hurt, sorrow, and festering with anger, the other person has long since moved on and forgotten about the incident.

In fact, if you never even confronted the other person, they may have no idea they’ve hurt you.

I urge you to follow these 7 steps to forgive others to set yourself free from the grudges, anger and resentment and move on.

1. Set Your Mind on Forgiveness

The first thing you have to do is the face the truth.

Forgiveness isn’t about the other person.2

It’s about letting go of those negative feelings inside of you.

If you’ve been holding on to something for a long time after the fact, then you’ve let it eat away at you for long enough.

It is time to let go and forgive.

Don't stop here;

there are 6 more steps to forgive others.

2. Letting Go of the Anger

I know it’s hard.

I had to do this recently.

It’s a very personal journey, but forgiveness starts with clearing your heart and your mind from the anger.

Sure, the wrong that was done against you justifies your feelings of anger, but you’ve already resolved to forgive so now you have to let go of the anger.

3. Write It out

By now you know I am a big fan of keeping a journal and writing out feelings.

It’s a good form of self-therapy.

It helps to unleash those pent-up emotions.

Start this journal entry out like a letter to the person you are forgiving.

Start off by saying, “I forgive (such-n-such) for…” and then write out everything that took place.

Include all your feelings and how you have been affected over the past days, months, or years.

Accept Their Ignorance
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