7 Steps to Recovering from an Eating Disorder ...


Since 2010 I have been quite open on my blog about my experience with recovering from an eating disorder after a lifelong history of anorexia, binge eating and dysmorphic body image. My eating disorder stemmed from three major points of grief in my life, low self esteem since childhood, and an ultimate need to be in control when I was lonely inside. Though it sounds clichรฉ, there truly are effective steps you can take to recover from an eating disorder. I did, and I'm a new person who is full of life, confidence, zest, spunk and a walking image of true health, free from a life of dieting. These steps canโ€™t be completed overnight, or even in so many weeks. Recovery takes time, but I assure you from a lifelong battle that recovering from an eating disorder truly is possible by taking the following steps. If youโ€™re suffering from disordered eating, remember, life is waiting for you. All you need to do is make a decision to embrace it and abandon a life entrapped in the painful gulf of disordered eating.

1. Embrace Relationships

The first step I took towards recovering from an eating disorder was to embrace relationships with other people. Since my disorder started with me losing several key relationships in my life, I had learned to become overly independent, self-reliant, and ultimately lonely. I refused to attach myself to people after losing so many, and intimacy on any level was impossible for me. When I decided to recover, I knew I had to begin with an area of my life that I feared too many years to face: my relationships. I began to do more things with my family, I called a few new friends I had to go to coffee, see a movie, etc. Though I never found a new intimate relationship to be in with a guy, I was open to the possibilities of dating again, something I hadnโ€™t done before in many, many years. By doing these things, I opened myself up and let go of one piece of control I had let rule my life: loneliness. Loneliness fueled my disorder, so by removing it one piece at a time, I also let go of control around food more.

Get the Right Nutrients
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