9 Stretches to Increase Flexibility You Can Easily do at Work ...


Stretches to increase flexibility make your muscles supple and strung, which improves your health quite a lot. If you’re stuck sitting at a desk all day or you just want to do some feel-good exercises to increase flexibility, check out these easy stretches that you can do at work or anywhere to prevent stiffness and reduce stress. Sitting still for long periods isn’t good for you, so remind yourself to stretch every day for a quick mental break and boost of energy! These great flexibility stretches will definitely help!2

1. Neck Stretch

Slowly bring your right ear to your right shoulder while breathing deeply.

Repeat this step to the other side while remembering not to raise shoulders up towards your ears.

Many people carry tension in their neck from cradling the phone to their neck or sitting in a static position for a long time.

This is one of the easiest stretches to increase flexibility, so it won’t garner weird looks from co-workers.

2. Arm Stretch

This is a great exercise to increase flexibility and it feels terrific after typing up reports or sitting for long hours.2

Lace your fingers together with palms facing out and slowly raise your arms over your head and stretch from your waist for 30 seconds while breathing deeply.

This stretch feels great on your back too and will help you feel revived!

3. Seated Twist

I love doing twists after workouts and this feels just as fantastic after a long meeting.

Sit up straight in your chair and twist your upper body to the right while keeping your hips still and look over your right shoulder.2

You should feel a nice stretch from your low back to your neck.

Repeat on the other side and forget about that mile-long meeting agenda.

4. Lower Back Stretch

We can all get stiff or achy backs after a long day and this lower back stretch to increase flexibility will feel like a mini-vacay for your back!

Sit in your chair and spread legs to where they are wider than your hips and slowly bend forward, totally relaxing your back and neck and drop your head.2

If this feels awkward to do at work, try it in an empty room or at the end of the day with less people around if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Quadricep Stretch
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