7 Techniques That Keep You from Snoring ...


Learning how not to snore might sound impossible, but it's really not. As a girl who recently discovered, much to my horror, that I've started snoring exactly like my dad, I've been on a mad search to discover how to stop snoring. The first time that I snored so loudly, I woke myself up, I knew it was time to take drastic action. There are lots of natural ways you can keep your nose quiet, so if you're looking to quit snoring, just keep reading! And no dozing – I'll hear you!

1. Lose Weight

When you're figuring out how not to snore, losing weight really does help. Even if you aren't particularly heavy, you might have excess fat tissues located in the very back of your throat. Because that blocks the airway a bit, it leads to snoring. Slimming down a little will really help, plus you'll feel better in other areas of your life.

Assume the Position
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