2. Campfires Are Sort of like Us - All Different

They differ in size, in duration, in how slow or fast the wood burns, the strength of the wind, and the moisture in the air. You may be alone for one, and surrounded by family the next, creating different colorful memories, like another time when we arrived late and there was no firewood available. We burned our tiki torches (I do not advise) and things we were able to find in the truck (Dunkin Donuts bags for example). Eric went off to find more. I was hastily trying to cook burgers (our dinner) when I heard gunshots. I began to worry that he’d been shot - miles off the main road in a Vermont state park in bear country with no reception, after we’d both been drinking a tad on our honeymoon. He returned intact, telling me that rangers were shooting to scare a bear out of the campground! Surely, unforgettable.

Let’s Not Forget That Campfire Food Tastes Fabulous!
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