7 Things That May Be Aging You ...


If you’re pushing into a new milestone -- like me, I turn 40 in two weeks! -- and on the search for the things that may be aging you, look no further. We live in a society where being 25 is "too old." However, aging gracefully does not have to be tolerated, my grown-up friends. The things that may be aging you are fixable, so take out the toolbox and get to fixin' already!

1. Outdated Clothing

Take a look at your wardrobe; it could be one of the things that may be aging you. Are you taking "the vintage look" too far? You might be adding years to yourself by ignoring today's trends. I don't care what anyone says, skinny jeans work for all women; just remember not to overdo it, because looking like a teen makes you look downright silly.

Outdated Hairstyle
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