7 Things You Can do to Prevent Breast Cancer ...


We should always be mindful of the things to do to prevent breast cancer as well as other illnesses. It’s estimated that one in eight women will develop breast cancer throughout the course of their lives. So with that said, let’s do our part to do what we can to reduce our risk of breast cancer and live the healthiest lives possible! Check out this list of 7 ways you can lower your risk of getting breast cancer.

1. Examine Yourself

One of the most important things to do to prevent breast cancer is to check up on your girls on a monthly basis. If you’re unsure on how to do a self-exam, check out this how-to guide from The National Breast Cancer Foundation at nationalbreastcancer.org . They state that 40% of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump, so learning how to do a self-exam is very important!

Limit Alcohol
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