7. Lifestyle

One of the major symptoms of RA is joint pain, which means the lifestyle of someone with RA will be affected. Things that are easy for people who donโ€™t have RA can be very challenging for people with RA, especially if grip strength, walking pace, and range of motion are greatly affected. This means that it might take someone with RA longer to do something or they may need help. Also, resting can be important when RA symptoms flare. All this being said, having RA doesnโ€™t have to mean that a person canโ€™t enjoy life. It just means that it might be necessary to alter oneโ€™s lifestyle.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an arthritic condition that needs specialized medical care. With proper care and treatment, RA can be well controlled and people can live fairly normal lives. Understanding all of these things about RA can help both people with RA and their family and friends manage the various symptoms of the disease with success. Do you know anyone who has rheumatoid arthritis?

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