9 Tips for Dealing with Annoying People ...


Dealing with annoying people can be somewhat erm...

annoying, so it's always good to have a stock of tips for dealing with annoying people, just in case.

Depending on the type of person you are there are a number of approaches as to how to deal with annoying people.

Whether it is just a temporary situation or something you have to endure for a period of time, the following techniques may help you and your "situation." Here are 9 tips for dealing with annoying people.

1. Cut to the Chase

Annoying people are often unpredictable and irrational, so if you become concerned that things could get ugly, then my advice with how to deal with annoying people in this case would be to seek legal advice.

Even if it means calling a lawyer or your local law enforcement, talk the situation through with them, express your concerns and know your rights.

I can't overstate the importance of this among my tips for dealing with annoying people.

2. What’s up Doc

We wouldn't be human if the people in our lives did not affect us one way or another.2

Unfortunately sometimes others around us can cause us unwanted stress and anxiety.

Learning how to deal with annoying people is also about learning how to know when to ask for help.

If you are not yourself lately, are over emotional or on edge, then go and see your Doctor.2

There are many services available for people experiencing periods of high stress and many options for you to explore.

3. Grab Some Chi

Meditation is well known for its calming qualities, it is said that only a few minutes of meditation a day can dramatically transform the quality of your life.

Whatever the day may have in store for you, meditation is a useful technique in helping you deal with annoying people.2

Centre and calm yourself before you have left your house and aim to keep that sense of peace with you throughout your day.

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