8 Tips to Keep You Healthy While Flying ...


If you plan to fly soon, you may want to learn some tips for healthy flying. It never seems to fail, I board the plane healthy and cold free, but by the time I land or shortly after arriving, I become sick with a cold. Does this happen to you too? Fortunately, we don’t have to be bothered with these post-flight yuckies any longer. Check out my 8 tips for healthy flying, they are a must.

1. Hand Sanitizer

The unfortunate truth is that airplanes and airports are packed with people in close quarters. This means germs are able to quickly spread. Bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes. Use them to clean your hands frequently. Also use them to wipe down your arm rest, serving table, and anything else you will touch on the plane. Need more tips for healthy flying? Keep reading.

What to Eat and Drink
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