8 Tips to Stick to Your Diet when Eating out ...


If you are trying to eat healthy you may be looking for tips to stick to your diet when eating out.

For most dieters, eating out can be quite a challenge.

When you aren’t in control of cooking, staying on plan gets hard.

Luckily these tried and true tips to stick to your diet at a restaurant means you can enjoy dinner out with friends and family without wrecking your progress.

1. Half It

We all know that the serving sizes at most restaurants are huge.

Some entrees are large enough to feed a family of 4.

Most can easily be split between two people.

If you don’t have a friend to share your meal with, then immediately ask your waiter for a to-go box to set aside half your meal before eating.Keep reading for more tips to stick to your diet.2

2. Veggies

Most entrees come with a large baked potato or fries.

Don’t be afraid to ask for veggies or salad instead.

Take the veggies a step further and ask that they not put butter on them.

All you have to do is ask, they won’t have a problem preparing your food to your request.

They are used to making changes to accommodate people’s dietary needs.

3. Salad

Studies show that people who start their meals off with soup and salad eat less calories during dinner.

That is reason enough to order a salad.

You can also opt for a salad as your main course.

Save yourself on calories by requesting your dressing on the side.

Instead of pouring the dressing over your salad dip our fork in with each bite.3

4. Soup

Speaking of soup, be careful what type of soup you order.

Broth based soups are always healthier than creamy soups.

Cream soups are rich and full of fatty calories.

Ask the waiter about the soups.

Some soups that you expect to be broth based may actually be creamy.

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