7 Top Tips for Cleaning Your Teeth ...


If you want to keep your breath fresh and an attractive smile, you will need to keep your teeth in good shape.

It may seem so simple.

After all it is something most of us do twice every day.

You may find it quite surprising though that many people don’t brush their teeth correctly, or not at the right time.

To help you retain that twinkling smile here are 7 top tips for cleaning your teeth.

1. Brush at the Right Time

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day.

Three times is even better.

It is important to brush at night before you go to bed so that there is as little bacteria as possible to attack your teeth overnight.

Then, you need to do them again in the morning to remove any plaque and bacteria that has managed to accumulate during sleep.

Some people prefer to brush before breakfast, others prefer to brush after.

You could also brush again after lunch, but more often than 3 times daily is not recommended.

Brushing too often can damage the gums.

2. Rinsing

When cleaning your teeth most people tend to rinse the mouth with water to get rid of the toothpaste.

It is actually better not to do this, but just spit out any excess toothpaste.

Leaving the toothpaste in the mouth leaves a coating of fluoride on the teeth which helps to prevent plaque forming and therefore prevents tooth decay.

3. Getting the Timing Right

Most people brush their teeth either for too long, or not long enough.

Ideally when you brush your teeth, you should brush them for 2 – 3 minutes.

You will not get them properly clean in less than 2 minutes.

Brushing for longer than 3 minutes is unlikely to get them any cleaner, but could irritate the gums.

The Right Brush
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