7 Types of Development That Affect You as You Grow ...


Psychologists have studied the various types of development and how they affect your growth. I think it’s important to be aware of their results in order to form a wholehearted and confident individual. The role of nurturing in our development is fundamental, along with nature, to establish who you are. Take a look at these types of development and see their role in your growth!

1. Linguistic Development

As infants, we learn to speak and communicate to get what we need. Linguistic development is a huge part of how we function today. Think about those individuals who are bilingual. What ways do they differ to you? They are put into circumstances where they need to use a different word to express the same concept. It mirrors the similarity between “couch” and “sofa.” Simply, another word in French to say the same thing would be “canapé." Language learning is only one type of development but it affects you your entire life.

Emotional Development
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