Types of Epileptic Seizures Everyone Should Be Aware of ...


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder affecting one in twenty-six Americans according to Dr. Joseph Sirvin, MD of the Epilepsy Foundation. There are several types of epileptic seizure you should know about.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, there are fourteen different types of seizures. You or a loved one may be suffering from epilepsy and not even know it. There have been updates to the names of certain seizures so itโ€™s important for all to know whatโ€™s new in epilepsy research. Everyone needs to know the signs of different seizures and what to do when we see a person having a seizure. Epilepsy can be deadly depending on the type of seizure. Epilepsy affects women and men differently, along with affecting races differently.

Here are the different types of epileptic seizure.

1. Focal Aware Seizures

One of the types of epileptic seizure is a focal aware seizure. This type begins in one side of the brain. They are the most common types of seizures in all ages. Anybody can get focal aware seizures, but there is an increased risk for those who have had a stroke, head trauma, a brain tumor or a brain infection. The person is fully awake and aware during a focal aware seizure. These seizures last less than two minutes. Focal aware seizures can be a warning before a stronger seizure, with a loss of consciousness. The person must tell you itโ€™s happening, as mostly you will be unaware.

Focal Onset Impaired Awareness Seizures
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