9 Unhygienic Things You do Every Day ...


I bet I can name a few unhygienic things that you do every day.

No, really.

However hot on hygiene you think that you are, it seems weโ€™re generally pretty bad at everyday cleanliness.

Iโ€™ve been chatting to some clean experts and searching through research documents, and hereโ€™s some crazy unhygienic things that you do every day.

I can almost guarantee it.

1. Holding Money

The first of the unhygienic things that you do every day?2

Touch money.

Yes, really.

Extensive tests have shown that a ยฃ1 coin frequently has more germs on it than a toilet seat, and notes donโ€™t fare much better.

Refusing any contact with money might be a little difficult, and nobody wants to be washing their pennies, but make sure you wash your hands once youโ€™ve touched money.

You seriously need to!

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