8 Unusual Hobbies for Women That You May Fall in Love with ...


I was recently looking online for a new hobby to take up and as well as your regulars like hockey, badminton, dancing and book club, I found a number of unusual hobbies for women. The great thing about the variety of hobbies available is that there is something for everyone and trying a hobby that is a little out of the ordinary may spark an interest, passion, or flair for something in you that you wouldn't have otherwise realized existed. Finding unusual hobbies for women is fun too, especially trying new things!

1. Track Driving

I say that these are unusual hobbies for women, but they are not all exclusively for women, more so that they are unusual hobbies for everyone to try. So without further ado, can I suggest a spot of track driving darlings? Track driving, is typically a manโ€™s sport, has seen more women get the behind the wheel in the past few years than ever before. If itโ€™s an adrenaline rush you are after than forget maxing out your credit card and book yourself in for a test drive!

Hula Hooping
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