Use This Lifesaving Advice to Get Active This Summer ...


I don’t know about you, but when I think about working out in the summer, I instantly roll my eyes. It’s not exactly appealing to think about humid days, sweaty workouts (and not because of how intensely you’re working out) and praying you don’t see anyone you know when you’re sweating that badly. If you’re dreading your workouts this summer, try following these tips. They’re sure to get you active this summer, even if you think that summer workouts are the worst.

1. Start Swimming

One of my favorite parts about summer is that it means we can exercise by swimming. If you really want to exercise but don’t love the heat, try swimming. Not only will it cool you down quickly in the summer heat, but it will also alleviate any pressure you’ve put on your joints and muscles. This is personally my favorite way to work out in the summer, because you still get outside but that strong, summer heat doesn’t bother you.

Make It a Family Affair
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