8 Ways to Alkalize Your Body ...


You may be wondering why you need ways to alkalize your body? Your body should have a nice pH balance but many of us cross the line over into excess acidity. Excessive acidity is linked to health issues such as weight gain, metabolism problems, indigestion, reflux and heartburn, which can lead to ulcers and pain in muscles and joints. According to the wellness community alkalinity is a better state of overall general health, so here are some ways to alkalize your body which should increase energy and vitality too.

1. Watering Hole

One of the best ways to alkalize your body is to drink a large glass of water in the morning with the juice of a whole, large lemon. It sounds acidic, but because your body metabolizes it, the exact opposite happens and your body’s pH goes up (our bodies have an average pH of 7.4 – so in increasing alkalinity we are looking for that number to be higher). Drink plenty of plain water throughout the day.

Green Salad
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