7 Ways to Be Happier in Your Home ...


Our homes are an extension of who we are and that's why it's so important that you always try to find ways to be happier in your home. What we do in our homes shapes our mood, affects our productivity, and even influences our outlook on life! You want to have a happy and relaxing place to come back to after a long and exhausting day out in the world. So here are 7 ways to be happier in your home to keep you smiling and motivated!

1. Make Your Bed

I'm going to sound like your parent but find the time to make your bed! This three minute task is one of the simplest ways to be happier in your home. Believe it or not, making your bed (and other feel-good tasks like exercising and cooking) is something called a keystone habit. Keystone habits are those routines that, if you can identify them, spill over to other habits. Plus, seeing that your bed is nicely made may inspire you to clean the rest of your room. You know the saying, "a clean room is a happy room," which in turn will make a happier you!

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