11 Ways to Become a Nicer Person ...


Self improvement is great, especially when it benefits others as well, and that’s why I've put together this list of 11 ways to become a nicer person. When was the last time you saw the office grump laugh, or that mean girl from accounts look happy? You won’t because it pays to be nice, it doesn't pay to be mean. So get nicer now with these top ways to become a nicer person!

1. Lighten the Load

Next time you see a woman struggling to get her child down a flight of stairs in a push chair, or an old man fumbling with his shopping bags, offer help. As long as they are not carrying bricks or immigrating to China, you should be fine. We say that people don’t look out for each other anymore but it is up to us to change that. This is one of the best, most meaningful ways to become a nicer person.

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