7 Ways to Break Your Food Addiction for Good ...


Addictions are merely sustained habits we develop over time, so if you’re looking for ways to break your food addiction, start by looking at your habits. What habits contribute to your addiction? Maybe it’s rituals of eating alone, or perhaps choosing fast food or high sugar foods for your meals and snacks. Or, maybe you have some habits with disordered eating that need to be dealt with. Whatever the case, food addiction is something you can overcome. I know, because I’ve been there. Most of my teens I was addicted to sugar, breads and refined starches. I chose these foods every meal I ate, and I'm not even kidding. This later led me to binging on sugary foods at night in college when I went through a depression in seriously large, copious amounts to the point of being sick everyday. I realized at 19, I was doing nothing but numbing my emotions by getting on a sugar high when doing this. Luckily, I forced myself to overcome my addiction, and I’d like to show you some ways to break your food addiction, whatever it might be, if you have one too.

1. Be Honest

One of the first ways to break your food addiction is to be honest with yourself. Don’t try and cover up the issue or pretend it’s not there. I know it’s easier not to look at your habits as the worst thing you could do, but trust me, they aren’t doing you any favors. If you have addictive tendencies, first and foremost, be honest. From here, you can begin to take steps to beat your addiction, instead of just feed it by lying to yourself even further.

Write It out
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