9 Ways to Control Your Blood Sugar That You May Not Have Thought of Yet ...


If you suffer mood swings, bouts of fatigue and ongoing cravings, the culprit could be your blood sugar, so try to implement some lesser known ways to control your blood sugar to offset this problem. Many of us know that reducing refined sugars, refined carbs and eating a clean diet can help us control our blood sugar, but these arenโ€™t the only things that can help. If you suffer high levels of stress, lack of sleep, hormone fluctuations, and inactivity, these may be reasons your your blood sugar levels are off. Or, it could be possible you're not eating the right balance of foods, which can alter your insulin output, the blood sugar hormone, which affects your blood sugar levels. Incorporate the following proven ways to control your blood sugar and see if you notice a difference. I found that once I used the following tips on a regular basis, my blood sugar is never out of whack anymore. Just remember to eat regularly. Skipping meals will mess up your blood sugar levels more than anything will. Plus, when your blood sugar is low, you're cranky and no one likes a cranky person, so eat up and take care!

1. Take a Walk

Sometimes, just getting up to move a little can be one of the best ways to control your blood sugar. Sometimes when weโ€™re bored, stiff, or inactive, our bodies get confused and make us think we need to eat for stimulation and energy. In reality, we donโ€™t need to eat, but move! Take a 20 minute walk and more than likely your craving for that donut or cookie will be gone and youโ€™ll feel more energized. Walking has been proven to reduce insulin production, fat storage and reduce blood sugar levels throughout various studies and the beauty is, most anyone can do it!

Go for a Run
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