The 💯 Realities of Living with and Ways to Cope 🙏 with Panic Attacks 😰 ...


If you've ever had one, you know that there's nothing more vital than finding ways to cope with panic attacks.

Panic attacks are the worst feeling in the world. Those of you who had or still get them, understand when I say that having a panic attack feels like you are dying.

Some of the symptoms include chest pain, a rapid heartbeat, sweaty hand, dizziness, vertigo and a sense of being separate from your body. And, of course, you're unable to sit still.

Panic attacks truly take a physical and mental toll one’s body. It is exhausting! And that's why you need some ways to cope with panic attacks.

I would know because when my own panic attacks hit their highest peak, it nearly consumed me as a human being. I used to call in “sick,” simply walk out of college classes and turn around to go straight home. Because home was the only place where I felt, well - not judged and, most importantly, not making a fool out of myself for having an attack in public. Every Nervous Nellie’s fear.

Fortunately, going to therapy was what ultimately saved my life. I wanted professional help. At first, I decided to go to therapy for a few sessions and learn how to “control” it. I learned that to “control” the anxiety and not let it “control” you is one of the first steps. One also must learn how to stop or sit through a panic attack if they do happen in a public setting.

Therapy can be expensive. So can over-the-counter or prescription medicines. Although going and talking to a therapist and/or taking medicine works for some, it may not work for others for financial or other personal reasons. These are not the only two solutions to kicking anxiety’s butt! I highly encourage you to go to therapy and/or take medicine if that is what you want for yourself. Understanding all of your treatment options lets you find exactly what works for you.

So, I want to share the tools that my own therapist recommended to me.

1. Therapy

if you are able to do so, both, financially and time wise, therapy really is one of the best ways to cope with panic attacks.

Taking Medicine
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