7 Ways to Deal with Having a Miscarriage ...


Dealing with a miscarriage at any stage of a pregnancy is not easy.

Becoming pregnant means huge emotional and physical changes, and the end of that pregnancy then leaves you facing disappointment, a sense of loss, and the worry that you will never be a parent.

Yet there is often a lack of recognition by medical staff and people around you of the impact of miscarriage.

So here are some tips on dealing with a miscarriage – they can also help if someone you know suffers one …

1. It is a Loss

The first point when dealing with a miscarriage is to remember that you have suffered a loss.

It may only have been weeks into the pregnancy, and you may not even have had your first scan yet.

But that baby will have been very real to you and already a part of your life.

So even if the pregnancy wasn’t that advanced, you’ve every right to feel a sense of loss.

Medical Advice
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