8 Ways to Deal with Verbally Abusive Family ...


How to Deal with a Verbally Abusive Family is sadly a complex problem that many amazing guys and girls have to deal with. Verbal abuse can take many forms such as yelling, extreme criticism, insults, threats of physical violence and name-calling. The devastating effects when living with a verbal abuser include low self-esteem, lack of confidence in your abilities, feelings of shame and a general feeling that you arenโ€™t worthy of being loved. Think of verbally abusive words as toxic psychological daggers that continue to do severe damage to your psyche long after the hurtful comments have been spoken. Iโ€™m going to help you survive this psychological nightmare by revealing the 8 ways you can learn how to deal with a verbally abusive family below.

1. Ignore Verbally Abusive Words

I know it's difficult but donโ€™t pay attention to the verbally abusive words. Let them go through one ear and out the other. The worst thing that you can do is believe what your verbal abuser is telling you. If you believe the hurtful comments that are being tossed your way, you will mentally beat yourself up around the clock even when you arenโ€™t near your verbal abuser. If you start believing the negative comments, they will affect many aspects of your life. Ignoring them is essential when you're learning how to deal with a verbally abusive family.

Kick Negative Thoughts out
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