7 Ways to Handle Post-Traumatic Stress ...


Suffering from any kind of crisis can produce a great deal of post-traumatic stress, and itโ€™s not always easy to treat.

Many people find themselves numb with an inability to cope with life, or struggle with healthy ways to cope in general.

Whether youโ€™ve experienced post-traumatic stress from the passing of a loved one, an accident, a family divorce, serving in the war, sexual abuse, physical abuse, any form of neglect, or even a break-up, there are some healthy ways to deal with post-traumatic stress that have been proven highly effective.

Consider some of the options below, and if you have one way youโ€™ve handled post-traumatic stress, Iโ€™d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

1. DBT

DBT, or Dialytical Behavioral Therapy, is one of the most popular ways to handle post-traumatic stress used today.

DBT involves a special form of counseling where patients basically sort through their situation with a professional therapist, and specific life skill classes are given.

This is highly effective today for helping people return to a normal sense of life they feel they once lost.

You can find DBT classes online, self help tools online, and even local nearby clinics that offer this form of treatment.

By definition, it combines cognitive and behavioral therapy, incorporating methodologies from various practices including Eastern mindfulness techniques, according to the official DBT Self Help Website.

To learn more you can visit dbtselfhelp.com.

Trauma-focused Cognitive-behavioral Therapy
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