9 Ways to Help You Relax before Bedtime ...


There is nothing like getting a good night’s sleep, and part of being able to sleep well is learning how to relax before bedtime. I recently wasn't sleeping well and asked my doctor for advice; she said that it is really important to take time to relax before bedtime so that our bodies have time to wind down. She used the example how children have a bath, story-time and get ready for the night ahead, and that we adults really should be doing the same… story time is optional of course! Here are 9 techniques that I have started to practice to relax before bedtime.

1. Switch It off

Scientist's research at the American Institutions of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) found that the use of mobile phones, TV's and computers before bedtime can significantly affect the body’s clock and contribute to lack of sleep. Up until recently my night-time ritual consisted of shutting down my laptop, pushing it onto the bedside cabinet and then rolling over to sleep. I now make a conscious effort to be technology free for at least one hour leading up to bed time.

Cut It out
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