7 Ways to Improve Your Bone Health ...


If you worry about the strength of your bones and want to make sure that they stay strong, then there are several important ways to improve your bone health that you may want to think about. As a woman who has a family history of osteopenia and osteoporosis, I have also worried about my bone strength; therefore, keeping my bones healthy and strong has always been a top priority for me! As I am sure you already know, calcium and Vitamin D are major components necessary for bone health, but there are a few more ways to improve your bone health to keep in mind as well!

1. Increase Your Dairy Consumption

Calcium and dairy are often the first things that come mind when thinking about ways to improve your bone health. If you have no issues with dairy, adding yummy foods like yogurt, cheese and milk to your diet is a tasty way to increase your calcium consumption. Calcium is an essential mineral for your teeth, bones, muscle functioning, nerve signaling, hormone secretion and blood pressure, but adding dairy rich foods alone won’t drastically improve your bone health.

Don’t Forget Your Greens
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