7 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better ...


Everyone has experienced a bad day…and probably rightfully moaned about them, too – but have you ever stopped to think of ways to make a bad day better?

While it might seem that some days are destined to feel rubbish, there is some hope that by taking some positive action, you can turn things around and have a good day after all.

Give the the following ways to make a bad day better a shot and let us know if they work for you!

1. Prioritise…

Whether you’ve slept fine or spent the whole night awake, bad days are so draining.

Everything takes a lot more effort than it would on an average day, so don’t try to give yourself a mammoth list of things to do.2

Prioritize anything important, and cut out anything that isn’t 100% necessary, or can’t wait.

Number what’s left, and tackle them in order.

This is definitely one of my favorite ways to make a bad day better – it helps every time.

2. Don’t Think of Others…

Have you ever been told to think of people less fortunate when you are having a bad day?2

While it’s meant to be helpful, the vast majority of the time it is not.

If you are sulking over something ridiculous, perhaps a sharp shock will help, but otherwise, don’t think of people less fortunate.

It won’t help – you’ll just end up feeling worse about your bad day.

And that helps nobody.

3. Make Your Mind Smile…

Make it as easy as possible for your mind to break through the sadness and experience some joy.

Encouraging endorphin production might be all it takes to turn your bad day around!

Play your favorite song, regardless of how sad you feel.

Happy music is likely to break the mood, whilst sad music is just likely to sink you further into depression.

Nobody needs “Everybody Hurts” while they are actually hurting.

Hit the Treadmill…
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