8 Ways to Make Time Fly While Exercising ...


Most of us are prone to getting bored easily, especially when it comes to a workout.

Guest contributors Anndi and Christie share a few tips on how you can mix things up and make time fly while getting your daily dose of exercise!

Let’s face it—working out can be a drag.

We know we have to do it, but sometimes we lack the motivation.

It’s all too easy to get into a rut and get bored with our routines.

The key to maintaining some enthusiasm around exercising is to change things up so that you don’t even notice the time passing.

We’ve compiled a list of ways to distract you and keep you entertained while you’re exercising so that you’re done with your workout before you know it!

1. Go for an Urban Hike

Many cities have guided hikes through interesting or historical parts of the city.

From the "hidden" stairwells of Los Angeles, to the walking tours of the many diverse neighborhoods of San Francisco, to the historic sights of Asheville, North Carolina--chances are there's a guided tour in an area near you that you didn't even know about.

Can't find one?

Make your own!

Get to know your city in a way you've never known it before.

Create a Facebook group and post your adventure online so others in your area can enjoy your city from your unique perspective.

Be a tourist in your own town--the time will fly by when you really allow yourself to explore.3

2. Bring the Gym outside

When the weather permits, don't coop yourself up inside--bring your workout to a park!

Whether it's yoga, weight training (kettle bells and resistance bands travel well), or cardio, head to a local park and breathe in the fresh air.

People watch.

Maybe even inspire someone else by your example to try a similar workout.

Many parks have playgrounds or outdoor gyms you can take advantage of.

In fact, you can even try this playground workout on brightcove.com.

The lift to your spirits from being in nature will make the time pass quickly.

Make It a Date!
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