7 Ways to Sleep Better Every Night ...


Everybody's always looking for ways to sleep better.

How well did you sleep last night?

While most people suffer a bad night every now and again, relatively few know about ways to sleep better – and a bad night's sleep can leave you feeling terrible.

I’ve been testing ways to ensure you sleep better every night – how many of these have you tried?

1. Work out Your PSQ…

The first thing my sleep consultant asked when I told him I needed ways to sleep better was, ‘What is your PSQ?’ It turns out PSQ stands for Personal Sleep Quotient, the amount of sleep your body needs to function, and it takes a while to work it out.

Start by picking a bedtime and a wake up time with eight hours of sleep between them.

Stick to it for a week, and note down what time you get up and how you feel.

If you need an alarm to kick you out of bed, you are desperate for an extra hour or you still feel tired during the day, add half an hour on and test again.

Once you feel alert all day and don’t need an alarm, you’ve found out how much sleep you need – do everything you can to make sure you get it!

2. Leave Chirping to the Birds…

If you don’t feel bright-eyed and energetic as soon as you wake up, don’t worry.

Needing time to adjust to being awake is completely normal!

Biologically, the body is designed to slowly become alert and ready for the day.

Birds are the only things that are naturally chirpy in the morning, so give yourself a break and let yourself wake up slowly with a coffee.

3. Don’t Set Your Alarm Early…

A journal published a few years ago suggested that setting an alarm earlier than you actually need to get up could be tested as a way to help people who don’t function well when they wake up.2

Magazines jumped on it, and before long, everyone was setting their alarm to chime when they had an hour of snooze-time left.

For most people, this will do nothing but fragment your sleep, and make you feel rubbish.

It’s scientifically proven to compromise learning, creativity, memory and productivity, and it’ll leave you feeling tired too.

Set the alarm for when you really need to jump out of bed.

Do Sleep Maths Right…
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