8 Ways to Stop Worrying ...


With as many things as there are to worry about in this world – money, grades at school, stress at work, your boyfriend’s quirks – there are just as many ways to stop worrying about these things. Sometimes, all you need is a little perspective, or a little cup of tea. But sometimes, you need a short list of ways to stop worrying that are a little more hard-core. If this is one of those times, keep reading, my dear. Brew that cup of tea, and get ready to un-worry.

1. Write It down

Even the most complicated, convoluted problems seem less... problematic… when they’re written down in black and white. Sometimes, they even seem a little silly, and completely manageable. Try writing your worries in a journal, or simply jot them down on a sticky note. For extra perspective, tear that little sticky into bits once you’ve realized how ridiculous it is… this is one of my own favorite ways to stop worrying, and start smiling!

Talk It out
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