7 Weight Loss Tips of 2014 from Your Trainer ...


As you start the New Year ready to get in shape, here are the weight loss tips of 2014. As a trainer for over a decade helping people to achieve their weight loss and health goals, I have come to be an expert in this field. Aside from working as a trainer professionally, I have run hundreds of races and 21 marathons so fitness is my life. And my greatest passion is helping others to strive for and achieve fit success. So here are weight loss tips of 2014 that you are bound to love and will help motivate you:

1. Get up and Get Going

As you sit on the couch after a long day’s work, the hardest task to do is to get up and get going into your workout. Eliminate the possibility of a detour and exercise early in the morning or leave your work and head right to the gym so you can avoid any excuses. Simply getting up and getting going tops my weight loss tips of 2014 because it works!

Exercise in Positivity
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