8 Weird Things We Learnt from Sex Surveys This Year ...


Everyone loves a good sex survey.

Not only are they a fascinating glimpse into other people’s bedrooms – or various outdoor locations, judging by some responses – but they appeal to that side of you that needs to know that you are normal.

Most sex surveys just reveal information that we all knew anyway – but just recently, there’s been a whole selection of…shall we say odder?

Sex survey questions.

Like these great examples…

1. The Color of Love?

What color room would you be most likely to get it on in?

If you are anything like me, you were picturing a boudoir-esque red and black design, or an empowering hot pink and black lace theme.

Apparently not.

Shopping company Littlewoods revealed that men who have purple rooms have almost double the sex than those with blue or gray rooms.

Red did rate highly too, though.

That wasn’t the only odd finding, either.2

Apparently couples who opt for silk sheets have sex twice as often as those who stick with standard cotton or nylon sheets, with silk-lovers averaging 4.25 times per week.

New sheets, anyone?

2. Think of England…

Everyone’s heard the expression "sex on the brain' – but it appears that it isn’t quite as distracting as first imagined.

The University of Amsterdam found that when we think about sex we release hormones which actually help us to concentrate.

They tested the theories with a series of challenging mental tasks as well as conventional exams, and found that those who had been thinking about sex did better than anyone else.

3. Librarians Aren’t Quiet…

The naughty librarian cliché might seem odd, but it appears it could be closer to the truth than we imagined.

A survey of over 5,000 librarians took place 20 years ago, and the results considered so scandalous that the researcher was sacked and the findings never released.2

A copy has now been found, and it’s emerged that 60% of librarians would like to marry Robert Redford, 18% Patrick Swayze and…oddly…3% Cher.

40% of the librarians also admitted that they’d sleep with Peewee Herman if he was the last male on earth.2


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