Women Need More Sleep than Men, Science Says 😴 πŸ’€ ...

According to a recent study by Duke Medical Center researchers, women need more sleep than men.

The why is simple: we use our brains more intensely during the day than men do, so we need a little more recovery time!

Granted, we only need about 20 minutes more each night, but it's science, fellas, so let your lady sleep in a little!

And while we're at it, loves, let's use a few of these improve-your-sleep tips, to get the most out of every minute!

1. Sleep Nekkid

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Aside from saving money on pajamas, why should we sleep in the nude?

First of all, if you're naked, initiating sex is easier, which can lead to more sexytime and a happier relationship overall.

It can also prevent bacteria from building up in unwanted areas, and it can keep you from being too warm, which can lead to broken sleep.

Are you ready to go commando?