10 Reasons to Get Regular Checkups ...

When it comes to the ones we love, we are always encouraging them to go to the doctor and get a checkup. However, when it comes to our own health, it seems like women always have some excuse why they can’t do it. Here are 10 reasons to get regular checkups, no matter how busy you get!

1. You Will save Money

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One of the biggest reasons younger women say that they cannot get a checkup is because they do not have enough money. They are having a hard time juggling their expenses and the last thing they can afford is another bill. The truth is that going to the doctor for a checkup could actually save money. The sooner a problem gets noticed and treated, the less expensive it is going to be.

2. You Will Get More Customized Care

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Not every person is the same. By seeing your doctor at least once a year, they will be getting to know you and the unique way that your body operates. The better they know your body, the easier it will be for them to detect abnormalities that would otherwise get missed.

3. You Will Get Top Priority

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When you have established yourself as a patient who always shows up for your appointment and regularly pays your bills, the doctor will be more willing to find time to see to an immediate medical need than if you are someone who just walks in off the street. Patients that the physician has established a relationship with are always going to get preferential treatment.

4. You Will Have Less Risk of Serious Health Problems

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The more often you go to the doctor for an examination, the sooner they are going to catch developing health problems. The sooner these problems get detected, the better the odds are that they can be corrected.

5. You Will save Time on Paperwork

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If you go to the doctor regularly, your information will already be in the computer system, which means that you do not have to worry about filling it our when you are feeling sick.

6. You Will Stay up to Date on Vaccinations

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When you visit the doctor each year, you will get vaccinations on the appropriate schedule to protect against illnesses like the flu, tetanus, and hepatitis.

7. You Will Have More Energy

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Don’t assume that it is normal to feel exhausted all of the time. While some stressful situations can be physically tiring, it could be the result of some health problem that crept up so slowly you weren’t even aware of it. During your check up the doctor will be able to diagnose the problem and make either lifestyle or dietary suggestions that will allow you to regain your previous energy.

8. You Will Have Peace of Mind

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Sometimes it is just nice to have someone to talk to. Doctors are great listeners. While they run through the checkup you can tell them about your problems which can be very cathartic. Sometimes they will even make suggestions about how you might be able to improve your life and health.

9. You Will Age More Gracefully

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Doctors love to offer advice, so make sure you ask for tips on aging. As you cross over from your 20’s to your 30’s or from your 30’s to your 40’s, the doctor can give you new ideas to keep in mind to improve your health.

10. You Will Get Better Insurance Coverage

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The more regularly you get a checkup, the easier it is going to be for you to get decent health care coverage. The insurance company will consider you a good risk if you take care of yourself.

Everyone needs to take steps to preserve their health. Keep in mind these 10 reasons to get regular checkups and schedule an appointment with your doctor today. How often do you go to the doctor?

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