7 Health Benefits of a Pet ...


7 Health Benefits of a Pet ...
7 Health Benefits of a Pet ...

Owning a pet will now only teach you and your children responsibility, give you something to do and help you understand that real unconditional love exists. A cute little doggy or a cuddly kitten is a package that contains many health benefits along with all the obvious stuff like fun, games, feeling better, going out more often, the joy of knowing that animal loves you, needs you and will always be there to keep you company and protect you, if needed. Yup, introducing a new member to your family could change your life for better so, if this sounds too good to be true, I suggest you read these 7 tested and confirmed health benefits of a pet and you’ll see I haven’t made it all up.

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Stress Relief

Pets are not judgmental and they definitely won’t say, “I told you so!” so when you’re stressed or feeling so pissed off you simply wouldn’t be able to stand anybody’s presence; you’ll always have your pet to cheer you up. They can feel your “pain” and they will keep bringing toys until you finally cheer up and realize that all work and no play make you one big nervous wreck. Having a pet will jumpstart your social life too as you’ll get a chance to meet other pet owners or individuals that simply think your pet is cute and that, of course, means a lot of new friends you could relax and have fun with.


Prevention of Heart Diseases

Believe it or not, a simple thing like having a pet could mean having a healthier heart, too! Pet owners have both lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels and that, my friends, is one of many health benefits you’ll find useful later in life. Having a pet means leading a healthier, more active and less stressful life so the ones suffering from high blood pressure might even realize that, when it comes to controlling the sudden changes in blood pressure levels, pet can be more effective than medications.


Fewer Allergies

If your child wants a pet don’t spend your days trying to find an excuse not to get one. Studies have shown that kids who have a pet suffer from fewer allergies than the kids whose parents refused to let their kids become exposed to all those germs pets carry. Now, let’s be honest – pets are never perfectly clean but coming in contact with all those germs actually boosts both yours and your child’s immune system. Now, wouldn’t you say this list of health benefits just keeps getting better and better?


Better Mood

Every pet owner knows how interesting, cute and even funny their pet is! They will crack you up, make you smile, go “Awww” and, as my mom’s friend once said, “Who needs TV when you have a pet!” They will make sure you never feel lonely, do their best to cheer you up when you’re feeling blue and demonstrate their standard behavior that always makes you laugh. My doggy, for example, goes crazy and starts running in circles with his tongue out and that is something I can’t ignore, regardless how sad I’m feeling at the moment. I just can’t keep a straight face and he knows it!


Emotional Health

A pet will help you get back on your feet after a painful break-up or a big loss as well as help you understand that a thing like unconditional love really exists. Not feeling lonely and knowing that this creature loves you simply because you exist don’t sound like much comparing to other health benefits, I know, but being physically healthy isn’t much if you’re feeling empty on the inside. Moreover, your emotional problems could have a serious negative impact on your physique!


Active Lifestyle

Most pets like to run and jump and they will insist you take part in their games! Dogs need to be taken out at least two times a day so, if your New Year’s resolution involved being active, shedding those unwanted pounds and leading a healthier life – you’ve just found a perfect jogging partner! Now, I don’t need to describe all the health benefits you could enjoy by simply being more active – Do I? Big or small, a dog is ready when you are so once your jogging routines or long walks become a standard practice he’ll encourage you to keep up the good work and push yourself even harder.


Better Overall Health

I’ve often heard people speak about positive energy pets spread on their owners. Well, I don’t know if a common pet really possesses such powers but various researches have proved that people who have pets suffer from fewer illnesses. It might be due to their stronger immune systems, activities, that special anti-stress effect pets have on people and all of the other things mentioned above or, it might be the effect of that mysterious positive energy. Whatever the case is – we simply can’t deny the positive effect pets have on their owners.

Do you know of some other health benefits of pets and have you experienced any one of them? My doggy, for example, feels the need to lick my cuts and, call me crazy, but I do believe that makes them heel faster.

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