7 Moods That Are Common to Most Women ...


7 Moods That Are Common to Most Women ...
7 Moods That Are Common to Most Women ...

Women are constantly labeled as moody and difficult to be around. While sometimes we just allow our emotions to run wild, other times it’s because of factors out of our control. For one thing we have our ‘time of the month’, which causes hormonal changes affecting our moods. Pregnant women have it even worse. Here are 7 moods that are common to most women.

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A lot of women commonly experience depression. Usually these are less serious bouts where the individual is reflective about something not going very well in her life. In some cases it can develop into something more serious requiring medical attention but more often than not it is the effect of hormonal changes in the body combined with some external factor that touches a nerve.



Just like depression, happiness is a common mood that women experience on a regular basis. Some individuals enjoy exultant euphoria as something that they are looking forward to takes place exactly as they had hoped. This is usually manifested in the individual being really pleasant and upbeat about everything and everyone around her and can often be quite infectious.



Anxiety is another mood that affects a number of women. Women have a lot to worry about. Whether it’s the centerpiece for the dinner party or the kid’s flu, a woman’s job is never done and very often this can cause a fair degree of stress in her overall mood. In most cases, those around her just have to weather the storm as it usually passes when everything settles down.



A lot of women are also perfectionists or control freaks. They like things done a certain way and get annoyed with variations. They are able to perform their tasks with routine efficiency and cannot understand when others fumble. This causes them to get into an irritated mood and depending on the person, you have to judge whether to make yourself scarce or allow her to vent.



This is perhaps the most common reason that women get the ‘moody’ tag. Whether it is the individual’s innate personality or her hormones that are causing it, some women can’t help breaking down when watching something or hearing about something that touches a nerve. It happens particularly to pregnant women as the changes in the body cause a great susceptibility to emotional peaks and troughs.



A lethargic mood implies a lazy, tired, disinterested feeling, which happens to a lot of women at different times of the day. Sometimes one could wake up with this feeling if there is nothing particularly to do or look forward to that day. Other times it could be the result of a long day and general fatigue.



Sometimes women are their own worst enemy. They go for a party and allow themselves to feel uncomfortable not because anyone said anything to them but because they think that they don’t look as good as the others there. This inhibition and lack of confidence is a common mood experienced by a lot of insecure women.

Women get the reputation of being moody and the moods above are a large part of the reason. However it is also a large part of our charm and most people who love us are happy to put up with it.

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