7 Myths about Sex Revealed ...


7 Myths about Sex Revealed ...
7 Myths about Sex Revealed ...

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about sex. There are things people believe that really aren't true, things people don't believe that really are true, and a lot of misinformed ideas in general. I'm of the school of thought that knowledge is power, you know? And in the spirit of that, I bring you these important myths about sex revealed for your viewing pleasure and personal growth – or something!

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Oral Hygiene

A lot of people are under the impression that if you French kiss someone, you can do damage to your teeth. This is totally not true. In a way, French kissing is actually quite good for you. I'm serious! This is one of my favorite myths about sex revealed, because I am serious about dental hygiene, and I'll be honest, kissing is my favorite thing. Anyway, the fact is that the extra saliva entering your mouth when you kiss someone like this is really good for your gums and your teeth, and it can stave off decay.


It Comes Once a Month

Another prevailing myth involves how often people want to have sex. There's this belief, for instance, that people in America only get intimate once every month. This, too, is false. Sure, Americans are largely fast paced and increasingly on the go, that stereotype is pretty true, but in most relationships, you'll find that partners find time to be with each other once every week – at the very least!


The Condom Question

This myth about sex revealed obviously involves condom. Specifically, people believe that guys buy more condoms than women. This is also incorrect. In fact, research suggests that women not only buy condoms more often than men, they buy more of them as well. I think the guys need to catch up! Safe sex is a win/win situation – just like Charlie Sheen!


Everybody Searches for Sex

Sex has become more prevalent, or at least more attainable (so to speak) since we were all blessed with the interwebs. One sexual myth states that one out of every ten sites online are now devoted to sex and/or porn. That … is actually accurate. Of all the web sites on the internet – I mean, all of them – approximately 12 percent of them have to do with sex or pornography. This is actually a two-for, because many people also believe that “sex” is the most searched-for word. Actually, it was, once upon a time. And then there was Facebook. I am so not kidding!


Guess What Muscle

Ask some random people what they believe to be the strongest muscle in the body, and you'll get various answers. “The arms,” some will say, or the legs, and of course some wits will likely shout, “my penis, hahaha!” They are all wrong. The strongest muscle in the human body is … the tongue, y'all.


Men Have It All

A lot of people also believe that guys have a greater number of sexual organs than women do. Well, fellas, this sex myth revealed might make you very sad. The opposite is actually true. In fact, the clitoris alone has more nerves in it than any other part of the human body – male or female.


Toying with a Question

Finally, some myths involve the sometimes awkward, sometimes hilarious, always helpful subject of toys. Most folks think, for instance, that they can go and buy themselves a bedroom toy no matter where they live, especially those of us who live in the United States. That's totally not true. If you live in Mississauga or Alabama, I am so sorry, but the sale of sex toys are restricted. What the heck? It's 2011!

I found lots more myths about sex revealed in my little search, some of them funny and some of them really sad. They reminded me of my own wayward youth: before I was actually interested in sex at all (I was a late bloomer), I believed that the term “blowjob” defined a practice where sexual partners actually blew air on one another's genitals. Do you have any embarrassing stories like that?

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lmfao blow job, hehe. i used to think everybody had anal sex to prevent pregnacy. also used to think that everyman knew wer to put it. had sex with a few vergins(im lucky enough to know a few men how came from countries wer sex is illegal befor marrage, i changed that for them) and found out none of them know wer to put it. even my husband after two years has trouble finding wer to put it.

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