7 Reasons to Avoid Loud Music ...


7 Reasons to Avoid Loud Music ...
7 Reasons to Avoid Loud Music ...

I’m sure most people spent the majority of their teen years blasting loud music in their bedroom. Cranking up the headphones was another way to ‘enjoy’ music more as well. Today the headphones have gone from being simple spongy things that fit on the outside of your ears to minute speakers that are able to be shoved way down inside the ear canal. If you haven’t destroyed your hearing already, you will probably be shaking your head at the 7 reasons to avoid loud music I’ve listed below. They don’t all have to do with hearing loss, so take a look and see what you think!

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Avoiding Loud Music Will Prevent You from Having to Say, ‘Huh?’ All the Time

My youngest son is horrible about this. His father and I are constantly repeating ourselves. I can’t remember the last time we said something without his reply being ‘Huh?’. He sleeps with headphones on and blares his music at such a volume that I don’t know how he can even think straight!


It’s Difficult to Communicate with Friends when the Music is Loud

Have you ever tried to have a decent conversation with friends in a club or at a concert? It just isn’t possible, unless you are extremely good at reading lips. Hopefully you aren’t going to a place that has loud music so you can socialize with your friends, since it will be a feudal effort.


You Might Make an Existing Condition Worse

If you already have hearing loss, loud music can make it worse. Temporary hearing loss can be made permanent, mild headaches can turn into pounding headaches, and if you suffer from the Tullio phenomenon, loud music is only going to wreak havoc on your balance. If you don’t know what Tullio’s is, it is when sound causes dizziness or basically sound-induced vertigo.


Headaches Can Be Caused by Loud Music

Have you ever started to get a headache when listening to music through headphones for too long? Well, this can also occur when listening to loud music for extended periods of time. The constant vibrations your eardrums experience when exposed to loud music are then sent to the frontal lobes of the brain, which then causes a headache.


Sometimes Loud Music is Associated with Sketchy Establishments

Avoiding loud music sometimes increases your level of safety. I’m not saying that all places where loud music is played should be avoided, but there are some very sketchy joints out there that revolve around loud music. Just be aware of your surroundings!


It Can Initiate Tinnitus

In order to avoid the onset of tinnitus – a constant ringing or buzzing in the ears – wearing a pair of earplugs in noisy environments can do the trick. Loud music or any loud noise in general can increase the severity of tinnitus, which is very unpleasant. It’s best to avoid loud music or protect your ears against it to keep tinnitus from occurring in the first place.


It Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss

This is the most common reason for avoiding loud sounds; music included. I’m sure most people were warned by their parents that loud music would damage their hearing and some found out that this threat was actually true!

If these 7 reasons to avoid loud music don’t cause you to be a bit more careful, then I don’t know what will! It never hurts to carry a pair of earplugs in the glove box of your vehicle, just in case you need them sometime in the future. Have you noticed any repercussions from listening to loud music?

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