7 Signs of ADHD ...

Living with a husband and a son with ADHD, I've seen first-hand what life is like for them. I will never know exactly how they feel and how their minds work, but I have a general idea from what they've told me over the years. Here are 7 signs of ADHD in kids that you should be aware of. It's often difficult to distinguish between kids being kids and kids showing signs of ADHD. I hope this short list will shed some light on the subject for you.

7. Unable to Remained Focused on the Same Thing for Long Periods of Time

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Not being able to stay on task long enough to finish a project is common among kids with ADHD. Some kids need to constantly be brought back from daydreaming and helped to refocus on the task at hand. There are some kids with ADHD who are able to concentrate on a particular thing that interests them, but remaining focused on this task tends to be very difficult.

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