7 Things to do While You Are Sick ...


7 Things to do While You Are Sick ...
7 Things to do While You Are Sick ...

Getting down with a virus or a bug of any kind is one of the most boring experiences on my list! The first day is bearable, probably because the high fever makes sure you don’t remember much of it, however, every single following day of that “quarantine” is as boring as Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana” weekend marathon. The bad thing is that you can’t go out and socialize; the good thing is that you probably wouldn’t even dare to go out looking like a 90 year old version of Flubber with respiratory issues. But, let’s look at the bright side – at least you’ll get a couple of days off, some peace and quiet and a monthly supply of Kleenex. So, here’s how to combine those and do something useful in those times of the day when you actually feel good enough to experience boredom:

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Reorganize Your Clothes/shelves/cupboards

If you are constantly busy, “neat freak” is not your middle name or you’re living with one or more persons, you probably know how easy it is to get to the point where you need 15 minutes or more to find the items you’re planning to wear, take with you or use in any way. Why not use those rare moments of boredom and restored energy levels to bring a little order into your surroundings? This is not a very physically demanding job and you can do things slowly, shelf by shelf, so, if you suddenly feel weak and need to lay down, you can do that


Experience the Wonders of Online Shopping

There is a whole bunch of great deals out there, waiting for you to find them! Some sites even get updated every day so you can get you shopping done and snag some sale items without having to leave the house! Browsing through all those items sure takes some time but guess what – you have plenty of it!


Reorganize Your Makeup

Having troubles to find your eye shadows? You never have a clean applicator when you need it? Everything is covered with fine, tinted dust and you still can’t tell which one of all those eye shadows broke? Well, it’s time to get all that makeup out and reorganize it. Inspect the product and keep the undamaged, fresh ones only and the same goes for all your cosmetic bags. Wash and dry the brushes, clean all your pocket mirrors and get everything to look neat. You’ll thank yourself later, believe me!


Get Some Work Done

Being far away from your office doesn’t mean you can’t do some stuff and enjoy a stress free week when you come back to work. If you have been a busy bee and you have no “job leftovers” think ahead and write down interesting ideas that could save you a lot of time and effort later on. Open you planner and start writing down things you need to do when you get back to the office, take notes about the most efficient ways to do them and browse for some new ideas online.


Read a Book

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had a lot of time to read lately! I literally have to steal time and prioritize – a good book or my standard Economic literature. I get so distracted by school, I often use economic terms in my everyday life, in conversations with people that have no connection to economy. So, if you feel your job, or the lack of it, has taken its toll on your vocabulary, read a good book! Be a sponge, refresh your mind and brush up on that ability to combine words into a picturesque, interesting, engaging story.


Arts and Crafts

You’ve been in that bed for two days, all that energy has to manifest in some way so, in times when your body is weak, the mind will take control. So why not ask somebody to pick up and bring you some arts and crafts supplies and focus your creativity in this direction? Your arts and crafts project won’t thing your red eyes and runny nose are gross, it won’t ask if you can turn your head and sneeze in other direction and it definitely call you to say, “I got sick because of you, you know!?”


Watch Jerry Springer

Yeah, you can finally spend an entire day glued to the “magical box”. Even better, call somebody who’s also sick to laugh and comment during commercial breaks. I know, it’s pretty stupid but come on, if Charles Darwin was correct, some monkey-ing around is allowed. After all, having intellectual, uplifting conversations only is boring!

And don’t forget one thing, it’s good to stay in the house even when your flu symptoms start reducing because you can still get other people sick. What do you think about these points, girls? Good, bad or will do?

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