7 Tips on Mens Health for Your Guy ...


7 Tips on Mens Health for Your Guy ...
7 Tips on Mens Health for Your Guy ...

Men´s health is an issue that often takes second place in the media to women´s issues, as if a man's health isn´t as important. Plus they´re big babies who don´t like consulting their doctor! So, often we need to keep an eye on the men in our lives, and on their health. Here are some men´s health issues to watch out for …

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Cancer Checks

This is a vital part of men's health. Women are used to getting cervical smear tests, and to checking their breasts for lumps. But let´s not forget that guys have to do cancer checks as well. Testicular cancer is on the rise, so encourage your guy to check himself regularly, or in all seriousness, help him out (it´s often a guy´s partner who discovers a lump).


General Health

Guys should be looking after their general health, as well as dealing with specific issues. So your guy should be getting his eyes tested if he has any problems with his vision, having regular dental checkups, and getting his blood pressure checked occasionally.


Safe Drinking

These days, drinking is not just an issue of men´s health, but it is still an important one. Many people think that a ´real man´ must be able to hold his drink. A smart guy, however, sticks within safe limits, never drinks when driving, and avoids drinking every day. If your guy is overdoing it, there may be a problem …



Like women, guys also develop a tendency to gain weight as they get older. This can be down to diet, or leading a less active lifestyle. If your man is gaining weight through leading a sedentary lifestyle, look for ways of encouraging him to be more active, such as taking up a sport with him, and get him to look at where he can cut the calories.



Sport is seen by many as more popular with men, but not all enjoy practising sporting activities. Exercise is essential for everyone, though, so guys need to get active. It's a necessary part of any man's health. There´s something for everyone, so help your guy find a way of getting fit (and staying that way) that he will enjoy.



Depression is perhaps one of the hidden issues of men´s health. Even now, men may still find it difficult to talk about their mental health, and if they are feeling depressed may well keep their feelings to themselves. If you suspect that this is happening, encourage him to see help, and reassure him that these feelings are by no means unusual or a sign of weakness.



This is the most annoying men´s health issue for women! In fact, men will never admit that it is a problem! Heavy snoring can be caused by health problems, such as sleep apnoea, so should always be investigated – I have to say though, good luck girls in getting a snoring guy to have it looked into!

Men´s health issues are important, even though many don´t like to admit that any potential problems exist. However, they need to look after their general health and well-being, and have any symptoms checked out. Also, guys shouldn´t forget their regular health checks. What issues concerning men´s health do you think are overlooked?

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