8 Problems Hypnotherapy Can Help ...


8 Problems Hypnotherapy Can Help ...
8 Problems Hypnotherapy Can Help ...

When you hear a mention of hypnotherapy, do you immediately think of stage hypnotists apparently persuading people to bark like a dog or think they’re Elvis? True hypnotherapy is much more serious – and useful. It can help with all kinds of problems. Speaking from experience, it has certainly helped me. Here are some of the ways that hynotherapy can make a difference to your life.

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Fear of Flying

I used to absolutely hate flying, and would never contemplate a trip of more than two hours. This not only restricted possible destinations, but made flights very unpleasant. So finally I decided to see a hypnotherapist, and just one session – yes, one – has revolutionised my life. It helped me to cope better, and gradually flying became easier, to the point that it now doesn’t bother me at all.



We all know how hazardous smoking is to your health, but because of its addictive nature it’s naturally very hard to stop. A course of hypnotherapy or CDs can be just what you need to give up the evil weed.


Weight Loss

The problem with dieting is that it doesn’t address any psychological issues around your eating habits. Because hynotherapy works on a subconscious level, it can help to train your mind to think differently. So if you find that diets always fail, this might be a course worth trying.


Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can make your life an absolute misery, and restrict your activities considerably. They can be overcome with therapy, and a lot of work, and hypnotherapy can be useful as part of a programme. It’s worth trying instead of medication.



Some people laugh at other’s phobias, but for the sufferer it is no joke at all. Encountering the object of fear may be genuinely terrifying. Hypnotherapy aims to calm your mind when you meet your phobia, and retrain your subconscious into viewing it as unthreatening.



Have you heard that some women use hypnotherapy as a method of pain relief when they give birth? Unfortunately you don’t get to test out if it helps or not, the proof only comes when the baby does! However, it can also be used if you suffer from a condition that causes chronic pain.



A lack of confidence can cause problems not only in your personal life, but also professionally. It can make it difficult for you to perform to your best, speak in public and make friends. A few sessions of hypnotherapy can help you feel more confident, so that it soon becomes second nature.



As with panic attacks, chronic anxiety can make your life very difficult – imagine if even the most normal situations made you worried. Well, that is what many people experience, and it’s very debilitating. Yet hypnotherapy can help – it’s certainly worth a try to see if it helps you.

The important thing to remember is that hypnotherapy is not a quick fix, or a substitute for willpower. It works best when you’re genuinely motivated to change. Has it ever helped you?

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