8 Quick Stress Busters ...


8 Quick Stress Busters ...
8 Quick Stress Busters ...

A buildup of stress can cause all sorts of problems; high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, weight gain, and even a nervous breakdown. You’d be surprised at how many ways there are to reduce stress and rapidly too. There’s no need for an hour long massage or a day at the spa each time you feel stress coming on. Although both those sound like some pretty good ways to reduce stress to me! Here are 8 quick stress busters for you to use anytime and any where.

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Eat a Snack

Sometimes it’s the snack itself that helps reduce stress and other times it’s merely the action of taking a break and munching on a granola bar or dried fruit. Almonds are a great snack that also reduces headaches, which are common when a lot of stress is present. Drink a big glass of water and chew your food slowly. Even if you just take 5 minutes to cool down and focus only on what you’re snacking on.


Take Deep Breaths

Deep breathing exercises are commonly used by people who are seeking a way to regain peace of mind. These deep breaths could help you refocus on the task at hand or help you to release enough stress that you don’t end up strangling your coworker. Breathe in for a certain count and breathe out for the same count. For instance, if you count to 10 in your head while breathing in, then count to 10 for the release of your breath.


Listen to Soothing Music

For some people classical does the trick. I feel a sort of instantaneous release of stress the moment I click on a classical CD or radio station. I don’t know what it is about this type of music, but I find it extremely soothing. I read that some men find heavy metal music to be a great stress buster. I personally find this hard to believe, but then I don’t like heavy metal music even when I’m not stressed out. To each his own. Whatever type of music you find to be soothing, have some on hand for stressful moments.


Say ‘no’ Once in a While

I know some of my stress comes from overexerting myself. I try to help people when they ask for it, no matter how awful I feel. If I’d just say ‘no’ every once in a while, I wouldn’t find myself stressed out over certain things.


Find a New Hobby

Taking up a hobby tends to get your mind off things. Maybe you need to find something new to do. This can be as simple or as complex as you make it. You could take up jewelry making. There’s nothing more calming than slowly stringing beads together. Or maybe you like remote control cars. You could ease your stress by taking your remote control car to the park and making a few laps around the grassy knoll.


Relax Shoulders and Neck Muscles

When stress builds up, it makes itself known in the muscles of the lower neck and upper shoulders. I can tell when I get stressed out because my shoulders are actually raised up and tense. The next time you feel stressed; take notice to the position of your shoulders. If they are raised and tense, relax them and roll your head forward slowly. After rolling your head forward until you can feel your neck muscles being stretched, gently roll your head from one side to the other. You should feel the muscles on the sides of your neck being stretched as well. I always feel so much better after this little stretching exercise.


Take a Walk

I’m fortunate enough to have a furry friend to walk with, who doubles my de-stressing technique. Walking is a great way to notice your surroundings and clear your head at the same time. I find that talking to my dog while walking also eases any stress that has built up in my system.


Vent to a Friend

If you don’t have a four-legged companion to vent to and actually want someone who will listen, then try venting to a friend. I know that a lot of stress is produced when confronting others, so being able to tell a friend how crummy your day has been is sometimes a much needed stress buster. I know I tend to feel much better after blowing off a little steam.

These 8 quick stress busters are excellent to keep in mind whenever you are having a rough day. With 8 to choose from, you have a variety to try if one doesn’t seem to be working. What method of getting rid of stress do you use most often?

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