9 Surprising Places Where Germs Lurk ...

Ladies, did you know that most germs can stay alive on surfaces in your home for up to two days? And that even if you disinfect and clean regularly, certain germ traps will never be sterile. In most cases, girls, we need to realise that this is fine. We have to coexist with germs in order to build up immune defences so there’s very little to be gained from hyper-hygiene hysteria. However, something you should be aware of, ladies, is that when you’re ill, you’re almost always spreading your ‘germ’ throughout your home and office as you go. I’ve put together a list of 9 unlikely germ traps to take note of …

1. The Shower Head

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How bizarre to think that the very thing you’re using to get clean might in fact be sprinkling you with bacteria! But ladies, don’t despair. Simply disinfect your shower head every couple of weeks, and stick to metal when you’re picking out a new one. Also, running the shower for about half a minute before you jump in will help to flush out unwanted germs.

2. The Keyboard

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It makes sense, girls. Very few of us routinely disinfect the computer so keyboards become germ traps pretty quickly. If you want to be pernickety about this one, ladies, get yourself a new keyboard and keep a bottle of hand sanitizer next to your computer.

3. Remote Controls

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Just like your keyboard, your remote control becomes quite germ-y quite quickly. Again, there’s not a whole lot you can do about this. Wipe it down with some sterile wet wipes and ask your friends and family to please clean their hands before handling the TV controls.

4. Make up Testers

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We all know never to actually apply a lipstick tester to our lips ladies, but studies are now showing that it’s pretty risky rubbing it onto the back of our hands as well. Skin diseases and other viruses can be transmitted in this way – the cosmetic industry is going to have come up with a new way for us to try out different shades!

5. The ATM

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Hundreds of hands touch the ATM every day so it makes sense that it will be a bit of germ hotspot. Don’t get too worked up about this though girls: just buy a bottle of hand sanitizer and use after you’ve drawn your cash.

6. Cash

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Speaking of money, it’s pretty grubby as well and for the same reason as that ATM is crowded with germs. A whole lot of people have used your bank notes before you, and some of them might not have been all that clean. Girls, you could sanitise after every encounter with your cash, but to me, that just seems like overkill. You’ve managed fine handling your money thus far, so, chances are, your immunity’s been strong enough to cope with its germs for ages.

7. Cellphones and Plain Old Land-Line

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Work and personal phones of all types are very germ-y appliances. This is because they’re regularly touched and also held close to the mouth, so bacteria are pretty much just transferred directly onto them. But girls, as I’ve said, unless you’ve been told your phone is actively making you ill, it’s probably ok to keep using it as normal.

8. Light Switches

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While everyone seems to be very aware of how many bacteria there are on door handles, light switches are pretty much ignored. They are, however, just a serious germ traps because they’re regularly touched. Again, don’t freak out; just make sure you wipe down all handles and switches in your home every week.

9. You

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Yep, girls, it’s true. By going out in the world you expose yourself to germs which live on your skin, your clothes, in your hair … pretty much everywhere. But, ladies, it’s ok. As I’ve said, we need to live with germs in order to be able to fight them off when we need to. As long as you shower, do laundry and clean your house on a regular basis, you’ll be ok.

What do you think girls? Are you a germaphobe? Or are you ok with a little healthy dirt?

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