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7 Alarming Signs You Are Being Rude and Should Stop Immediately ...

By Gillian

There are many ways people can be rude, but the biggest signs you are being rude are ones we sometimes don’t know we are doing. Just follow the old saying, do unto others as you would want done to you. If you aren't sure if you are being rude, try to pay attention to what your friends' reactions are when you do the below. You will know if people are taking them as signs you are being rude, fast!

1 Interrupting

The number one of 7 signs you are being rude is interrupting. This has to be one of the most annoying things. Sometimes I understand when people get excited and just want to say their point, but make sure to wait until the other person is done speaking. This is probably something we have all heard, but people continuously still do it.

2 Littering

This isn’t just on the streets (although that is rude also!). I’m talking in our office or even your home. Chances are you share an office with multiple people, and I consider littering when you leave your empty coffee cup on the shared table for days. Pick up after yourself! Same goes for living with roommates. Be thoughtful of your space and how others have to use it as well!

3 You’re Always Late

Don’t be late! Unless you have a legitimate reason, never be late. If you are showing up for a work meeting, make sure to be at least 10 minutes early. Not only is being tardy rude, but this is showing a lack of concern for the other person's time.

4 Blocking the Aisle in a Store

Navigating grocery stores can be hard due to the huge carts, but this doesn’t make it okay to just chill in the middle of the aisle. VERY good chances are that someone will need to get past you and having to wait to do so is not cool. This is so rude and shows no concern for the rest of the shoppers.

5 Driving Slow

Go the speed limit. It’s really as simple as that. Be courteous to the people following you as people do have places to be, and following someone going 30 below is very frustrating. This just isn’t safe for yourself OR your fellow road friends.

6 On Your Cell Constantly

If you are hanging out with friends but texting the whole time, your friends will get frustrated. I know these days everyone is addicted to their phone, but try to be mindful of this. If you are going to hang out with your girlfriends, then hang out with them and give your thumbs a break!

7 Ditching

If you continue to make plans with your bestie and continue to ditch them at the last minute, that is rude. I know you wouldn’t want to have your plans crumble at the last minute, so try not to do that to your friends. If you know you wont have time to hang out, don’t make the plans in the first place.

Again, sometimes people do the above things without realizing, but I think these are some very basic ways of being rude. If you do the above, make a mental note and try to pay attention next time you are out. I'm sure your friends and family know you aren’t meaning to be rude, but these signs can come across the wrong way.

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