Bath Remedies That You Should Indulge in Today ...

Indulging in some amazing bath remedies can alleviate the stress of day-to-day activities that leave you sore, tired and stressed out. Whether you have skin ailments, body aches and pains or just wanna relax your stress away, a bath could be just the cure! Listed below are some bath remedies to common ailments that we all suffer from on occasion.

1. Dry Skin

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One of the many lovely bath remedies to try is a moisturizing one! Dry, flaky and itchy skin is no fun. It's unsightly and uncomfortable and it leaves you feeling less than your best. Apart from moisturizing and exfoliating daily, a moisturizing bath can also help to alleviate pesky dry skin. Try taking an oatmeal bath or one that has essential oils, like sandalwood and camomile to calm dry skin.

2. Achy Muscles

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Sore muscles after a hard workout or long day on your feet really need some TLC. A bath can help soothe those muscles and help you sleep with ease. Epsom salts are great for reducing inflammation and to help relax you and the surrounding muscle groups, try adding eucalyptus, bergamot and lavender essential oils to your bath water.

3. Sunburn Relief

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Sunburns are not fun and at times, flat out miserable. We've all gotten bad sunburns sometime in our life so it's good to know some remedies that provide relief! For a bath, use cool water but not cold and you can add oatmeal to calm burned skin. Another option is adding baking soda to a cool bath and allowing your skin to air dry. Once your skin is dry, applying pure aloe will help cool your skin and allow it heal faster.

4. Stress & Anxiety

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You can use a bath for relieving stress and anxiety by making it a meditative experience! Use a fragrance you love, like lavender, to stimulate your senses and calm your body. Focus on your breathing and what's present. Try to avoid thinking about the day or what's next after the bath is over. Just enjoy the moment and let your worries fall away, even if only for a short while!

5. Aromatherapy

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Sometimes you might want to take a bath just because! It's girly and a great way to sit back peacefully and let go of the days concerns. Using a blend of essential oils, bubbles, soft music, candles and perhaps a glass of wine, sounds too good at the end of a long day!

6. "Detox"

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While I don't believe you can actually detox your body while sitting in a bath (our organ system has perfected processing toxins), it can't hurt to try a detox bath - at the very least you'll feel rejuvenated! For the optimal detox bath, add Epsom salts to balance your body's magnesium levels, baking soda, and ginger to induce sweating.

7. For Acne

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Many people suffer from body acne, although it's not mentioned like facial acne is. You can help treat your skin by taking a bath with apple cider vinegar! Apple cider vinegar is great for balancing the pH levels of your skin while killing harmful bacteria that cause acne flare-up. It's rather strong, so experiment with the amount you use.

Next time you have one of these ailments listed above, perhaps the right remedy for you is to take a nice warm bath! Do you have any other remedies you'd like to share?


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